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 Shakespeare Hamlet

Port of Call Elsinore

Port of Call Elsinore - or Helsingoer as it is known in Danish. - Elsinore is first named in 1231 as a small market town with a castle.      Print  folder

Port of Elsinore Denmark

King Eric of Pomerania  establish the Sound Dues – a toll to be paid by all foreign ships passing through the Oeresund Strait – as Elsinore has long been the largest turnaround port in the Baltic. The Sound Dues  and the geographical location on the doorstep of the Baltic Sea,   laid the foundation for the wealth and growth of Elsinore City, which in the 1600s became one of Northern Europe's most important.   Ashore land expeditions and City Walk are prepared for you, guided or on your own. 

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Hamlets Castle Elsinore
Hamlet and Kronborg
H. C. Andersen

William Shakespeare put the town on the literary world map around 1600 when he set the action of his famous tragedy, Hamlet, in the Elsinore castle, known as Kronborg or Hamlet´s Castle (now a UNESCO World Heritage Site). 

The entire waterfront of the city has recently been revitalized and remodeled under the Culture Harbor Kronborg project, incl. re-establishing the original rampart layouts of Kronborg Castle and turning an old shipyard into a modern culture and museum centre.

Elsinore is well-suited for both half-day and full-day calls. -  and maybe go in the world-famous poet Hans Christian Andersen's footsteps - H. C. Andersen spent two years of his youth with education and upbringing in Elsinore


Sankt Olai Kirke Helsingør
Cathedral of St Olai

Another option for southbound ships that are continuing to Copenhagen the same day is to make a short call or drop-off for popular tours of the North Zealand region that end up in Copenhagen in time for re-join the ship on arrival.

Sct. Mariæ Kirke  Helsingør
Priory of Our Lady

The old town of Elsinore can be explored easily on a walking tour, usually featuring visits to the massive Cathedral of St Olai, the 15th century Priory of Our Lady or the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kronborg Castle, or on a bus tour in combination with one or more sights of the surrounding region.

 Other interesting museums in the city include the historic City Museum, the expansive Danish Museum of Science and Technology or the new M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark, opened in 2013 and located underground inside one of the old drydocks of the long gone shipyard.


frederiksborg Castle
Frederiksborg Castle

Outside the city, but within easy reach of a half-day tour, other attractions and destinations include the impressive renaissance castle and home of the Museum of National History, Frederiksborg Castle and the elegant rococo palace of Fredensborg –  the summer residence of the Royal Family. 

Further highlights include the historic Cistercian monastery of Esrum Abbey, the Bird of Prey Show at Falkonergaarden, the home and museum of author Karen Blixen in Rungstedlund,  or the internationally renowned Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.


Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Further away and more suitable for a full-day tour format you can find attractions like Copenhagen with all the sights and attractions of a capital city or the old capital of Roskilde with its historical city center, the massive UNESCO World Heritage listed Cathedral of Roskilde and the famous Viking Ship Museum.

 More option is to cross the Øresund via ferry and make excursions into neighboring Sweden, perhaps even make an entire circuit of the Oeresund region, crossing back over via the 16 km Øresund Bridge connection from Malmø to Copenhagen.

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Café Olai Elsinore / Helsingør Denmark
Café Olai
Sct. Olaigade 19

Danish and Nordic food and gastronomy:
Nordic cuisine - Danish open sandwiches on dark bread - read more about Danish food culture, Danish lunch.  Today Denmark is among the World’s most innovative and exciting in the field of gastronomy. Read more about Nordic cuisine

 (by the way,? are you wondering why Danes eat dark rye bread), read here A taste of Denmark



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56° 02′ 11″ N 12° 37′ 49″ E.
North-East corner of Zealand, at the narrowest point of the Oeresund strait

Cruise ship Harbour Elsinore / Helsingør Denmark

Larger cruise ships can anchor at the smooth southern breakwater just appx. 0.20 nm / 400 m from the new two-sided pier at King quay and with  a spectacular view of Shakespeare's Kronborg castle from the ship.

No limit for length and Draught.


Helsingør Cityforening

Main cruise pier:
Royal Quay (quay 3), approx.
300m from city center.
Size limitations apply

Tender jetty at the Royal Quay,
approx. 300m from city center.

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